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Shadowless Sword (2006)

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Eyeliner. Some men can wear it, and some men really just shouldn’t. I mentioned this at the very top of the review because, if you watch Shadowless Sword, you’ll be able to see how this rule applies to about half the actors in Korea.

That’s not to say that you won’t enjoy it. There’s a lot of sword-waving, swash-buckling, high kicks, and all the other staples of historical adventure fantasy. But the eyeliner can be a mite distracting. It’s … (read more)

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Bichunmoo (2000)

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Bichunmoo is a sweeping, historical tragedy, with ferocious whirling swordplay and lavish scenery. The hawk-faced hero, with flowing hair and brooding eyes, grows up thinking he’s from a low-class family, but discovers he’s the son of a Korean noble. The heroine, exceptional in a land where all the women are lovely, is the daughter of a Mongol general, and betrothed to a Han noble.

The story of their love, and the forces that conspire against them, is compelling. There’s the … (read more)

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