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Cowboy Bebop (2000)

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Borrowing heavily from gangster and Noir film for characterization, from the detective films of the 50’s and 60’s for some of its plot elements and from westerns, sci-fi and jazz and blues for its style, not to mention a bit of Hong Kong heroic bloodshed and kung-fu thrown in for good measure, and Cowboy Bebop is quite obviously anything but your conventional space ace anime! In the tradition of the best works in Science Fiction, technology is an expansive yet … (read more)

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Cowboy Bebop Best Sessions (2003)

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Corgis are much maligned. Nobody thinks of them as being particularly groovy. Eddie from Frasier is cute, Lassie was smart and you don’t want to mess with Inspector Rex. But mention corgis and one thinks of the fat rolling bundles nipping at the Queen’s feet or soft targets for bored pitbulls.

Not so Ein, the super smart Welsh corgi from Cowboy Bebop! The life of the party, loyal friend of Ed and a saviour in many critical moments … (read more)

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