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A Silent Voice (2016)

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Two thirds psychological study on bullying and disability, one third first love romance (and I’ll use that term very lightly here), A Silent Voice, based on the highly-acclaimed manga by Yoshitoki Oima, plots the unexpected turn that lives can take on, if not the simplest then at least the most uninformed of choices. To its great credit, however, it doesn’t in any way sugar coat the fact that some of those turns can get ugly, can have consequences we … (read more)

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Children Who Chase Lost Voices (2011)

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Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Down Below is screening around the country at the Reelanime Festival 13-26 September. Please check the website for session times.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Down Below might seem like an unnecessarily long title, (let’s be honest, like all of them seem to be) but director-writer Makoto Shinkai still hasn’t lost his ability to tell a poignant and entertaining story. This feature is, deep in its depths, about grief and acceptance, a tale … (read more)

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (2005)

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2008 – for bizarre mathematical reasons that are way beyond me – might be the year time travel is invented, or mulitverses are discovered. The largest particle smasher the world has ever seen is being booted up in Switzerland in May, and physicists the world over are so excited by the incredible, almost unimaginable possibilities that could result from experiments in this accelerator that they can barely contain themselves.

It’s a pretty exciting prospect, that they might discover six impossible … (read more)

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D.N.Angel (2003)

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There’s something strange about D.N Angel, something that seems to defy its simple shoujo narrative the way a cute little puppy defies all logic. You know it’s just a dog, but it gives you that look, and it wags its tail eagerly and bounces excitedly on its oversized front paws and ohmygod that’s it; you’re smitten and let this be a lesson damn it — never underestimate the power of cute.

That’s what D.N Angel, based on … (read more)

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