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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (2005)

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2008 – for bizarre mathematical reasons that are way beyond me – might be the year time travel is invented, or mulitverses are discovered. The largest particle smasher the world has ever seen is being booted up in Switzerland in May, and physicists the world over are so excited by the incredible, almost unimaginable possibilities that could result from experiments in this accelerator that they can barely contain themselves.

It’s a pretty exciting prospect, that they might discover six impossible … (read more)

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Noir (2003)

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Kirika Yumura and Mireille Bouquet are Noir, top female assassins for hire. Noir is also the name of an ancient legend which states that the ‘peace of the newly born’ is governed by the black hands of two maidens. The series alludes to the two maidens being Mireille and Kirika.

Kirika is a natural born killer, cold and unemotional, able to assassinate her targets even under extreme pressure. But her flawless killing skill is also her biggest source of agony, … (read more)

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