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Harmony (2015)

Better living through technology. But at what price? In the best tradition of classic speculative science fiction, Studio 4°C’s animated film Harmony, based on the novel by Project Itoh, examines this question through a mirror darkly. In the future, the world has been reduced by nuclear war and illness into sterile country states complete with regulated borders. Inside those borders, the Admedistration (not a typo) and a militarised version of the World Health Organisation ensure that all good citizens … (read more)

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Harlock: Space Pirate (2013)

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The Nordic premiere of Harlock: Space Pirate at the last Stockholm International Film Festival packed a full house. This futuristic, intergalactic pirate caper, set around the turn of the 3rd millennium, finds the infamous and (thought-to-be) immortal Captain Harlock (Shun Oguri) commandeering the mysterious spaceship Arcadia, the last of its kind and powered by dark matter — a self-generating energy based substance that comes in pretty handy in spaceship battle damage predicaments.

Earth has been declared a sanctuary in this … (read more)

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Black Blood Brothers (2006)

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With all the brouhaha about vampires these days — from Laurel K Hamilton to Stephanie Meyer; and HBO’s True Blood to Park Chan-Wook’s Thirst — it’d feel a little like jumping on the bandwagon, except I hesitate to put Black Blood Brothers in anywhere near the same category. Sure, it is about vampires, and it’s got all the right bits and pieces – a lost love, dark secrets, feral vampires, shadowy conspiracies, innocent bystanders, idealistic humans and plenty of slaying … (read more)

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