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The Big Swindle (2004)

The Big Swindle certainly owes a lot to The Usual Suspects. I am not the first reviewer to recognise that and it is pretty darn obvious — there is a team of dangerous men, hints that not all is as it seems and much of the plot is revealed by its participants in flashbacks. And there is a real Keyser Soze moment around half-way through. Nuff said.

But the film also owes a good deal to the great heist … (read more)

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Hi! Dharma (2002)

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Light-hearted fluff with some laughs and some warm fuzzies. The gang boss is good, and the lead monk is great (you will remember him from Bichunmoo, among other films), and the Korean scenery is, as always, nothing short of spectacular. The second film, Hi Dharma 2: Showdown In Seoul is a better film, and stars the talented Shin Hyun-joon, but this one’s still pretty fine.… (read more)

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The Uninvited (2003)

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Low-key supernatural thriller, psychological courtroom drama, Jeon Ji-hyun in a serious dramatic role … The Uninvited arranges a complex story that intrigues at first but fails to reward viewer patience with a coherent finish.

Most will watch this for Jeon’s performance in a role far removed from her halcyon My Sassy Girl days. For those of us who enjoy her as a manic honey/enemy, it might be a surprise, if not an annoyance, to discover that Jeon barely raises a … (read more)

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