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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (2006)

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Full Metal Panic! is fast becoming a popular franchise, with numerous mangas, novels and two other anime series already released., You would be hard pressed to able to guess where it will all end. This entry in the franchise is a continuation of the first anime series, and picks up the story about five months after the events of Full Metal Panic!

We rejoin Sousuke Sagara and the rest of his unit as they prepare to “drop in” on some … (read more)

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R.O.D. TV (2003)

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Years ago Raymond Chandler recalibrated librarians in my adolescent psyche. Gone were the motherly figures of primary school replaced with formidable intellectuals with a simmering sexuality. The first R.O.D. (Read Or Die) in many ways was just the logical anime action extension of this. Librarian, Yomiko ‘The Paper’ Readman, whose paper manipulation powers put my feeble attempts to make an origami swan to shame, is called on by the British Library to battle super-powered historical figures and save the world. … (read more)

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Planetes (2003)

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Science Fiction tends to portray the future in one of two ways: there’s the idealized, hang-the-expense future where doors are automatic and cars float. Alternatively, there are the dystopic or apocalyptic visions where humanity has slipped on the razor’s edge on which it is so precariously balanced into destroying itself and its environment – often over something as trivial as the best ways to get cars to hover.

Planetes eschews these approaches. Instead it presents a perfectly possible future where … (read more)

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Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (1999)

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Bubblegum Crisis 2040 is based on the classic Bubblegum Crisis and Bubblegum Crash, a Blade Runner-styled series from the late eighties/ early nineties. This new chapter is what used to be described as a remake, but these days that lacks the requisite syllables and is now termed a ‘re-imagining’. The major elements from the originals make a return: the original biker chick and surly rockstar, Priss; Sylia their slightly crazed coordinator and of course the, ‘when good robots … (read more)

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