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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (2006)

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The name of Clamp wields a great deal of influence, enough that their connection to an anime series is enough to make most people sit up and pay attention, and with good reason. In the case of Code Geass, the well known creative conglomerate have lent their distinctive style to the series’ character designs with impressive results. The look is sharp, elongated and intensely dramatic, and for a story with dark, complicated undertones and an antihero who makes Light … (read more)

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Planetes (2003)

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Science Fiction tends to portray the future in one of two ways: there’s the idealized, hang-the-expense future where doors are automatic and cars float. Alternatively, there are the dystopic or apocalyptic visions where humanity has slipped on the razor’s edge on which it is so precariously balanced into destroying itself and its environment – often over something as trivial as the best ways to get cars to hover.

Planetes eschews these approaches. Instead it presents a perfectly possible future where … (read more)

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Infinite Ryvius (1999)

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Wearing its Neon Genesis Evangelion influences on both of its sleeves, Infinite Ryvius multiplies the number of kids, removes most of the giant robots and keeps the teenage angst simmering at about the same temperature.

Our nominal hero Kouji is a deadringer for Evangelion’s Shinji Ikari right down to the haircut and white short sleeve shirt. Unlike Shinji’s paternal issues, Kouji’s emotional problems come in the form of his younger brother, the rakishly handsome but moody Yuuki, who harbours … (read more)

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s-Cry-ed (2001)

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An inexplicable disaster, a rebellious teenager with super-human powers and a government agency showing totalitarian tendencies are the mainstays of Japanese manga and anime. As are acronyms which s-CRY-ed launches into early on to soften up the viewer. A government agency HOLD and its Alter User arm, HOLY, seek to capture and recruit Native Alter Users. So it’s not long before teen rebel Kazuma comes into conflict with HOLY.

It’s hard to get excited about s-CRY-ed. It trots out … (read more)

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