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Angel Sanctuary (2001)

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This OAV, based on a 20 volume manga by the gothy, inestimable Kouri Yuki (currently being published in English by Viz Communications), is as you might expect from anything based on a 20 volume story – totally epic and yet not nearly epic enough. Yuki’s original work is so rife with violence, angst, messy relationships existentialism and gender-bending on both sides (just for starters), that it kind of makes your average Aaron Spelling soapie look like an episode of … (read more)

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Arjuna (2001)

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One hot summer day, I died.

Such a statement, a voiceover set amidst the mysterious serenity of zen archery practice, sets the pace for Arjuna Volume 01: Rebirth. There is something almost dreamlike about it; the haunting Yoko Kanno soundtrack, director Shoji Kawamori’s fine control of details and the rich, tactile colours all combine to generate something that borders on the grand. Even the opening of the first episode, setting the pace and describing clearly the central theme of … (read more)

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L/R – Licensed by Royalty (2003)

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Dust off your teacups and up your grooming standards, boys and girls. L/R – Licensed by Royalty is a swanky adventure that won’t have you thinking too hard. Smooth operator Jack Hefner and the roguish rebel Rowe Rickenbacher are field agents for the elite special operations group Cloud 7, and together they’re pretty much equipped to handle anything. Favoured by Ishtar’s royal family as spies-du-jour, they tackle sensitive cases with wit, style and classic James Bond aplomb, making it all … (read more)

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Burst Angel (2004)

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There I was, scoffing away at a fellow reviewer for wimping out on not only reviewing, but even merely finishing Studio Gonzo girls and guns title Burst Angel, assured in my fangirl superiority because I myself had managed to sit through an entire volume and hadn’t tried to kill myself by the end. You wuss, I mocked. Spoilt by too much quality anime (which I admit is my fault, since I keep pushing the quality stuff on to him). … (read more)

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