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Arjuna (2001)

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One hot summer day, I died.

Such a statement, a voiceover set amidst the mysterious serenity of zen archery practice, sets the pace for Arjuna Volume 01: Rebirth. There is something almost dreamlike about it; the haunting Yoko Kanno soundtrack, director Shoji Kawamori’s fine control of details and the rich, tactile colours all combine to generate something that borders on the grand. Even the opening of the first episode, setting the pace and describing clearly the central theme of … (read more)

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Escaflowne (2003)

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On an evening when both her athletic skills and confused lovelorn feelings are put to the test, Hitomi is transported to a planet located behind the far side of the moon. What she encounters there reconfigures her coming-of-age problems; the imaginary subordinates reality, enabling her more time to experience, understand and judge herself. Through her eyes we encounter the world of Gaea, a place populated by feudalist human factions, furry half-breed creatures and ‘dragons’ of both classical and mechanical robot … (read more)

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