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Mongol (2007)

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Flawed but magnificent, Mongol, by Russian filmmaker Sergei Bodrov, is a film of truly epic proportions. From the sprawling canvas of scenery shot in some of the most remote parts of China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, to the mythos of one of the most feared men in human history, this film paints both an elusive and visceral personal portrait.

There probably aren’t many people even today who have never heard the name Genghis Khan, and as a success story, this … (read more)

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The Cave of the Yellow Dog (2005)

A German/Mongolian co-production, The Cave of the Yellow Dog is, like its predecessor The Story of the Weeping Camel, a fairly cynical moneymaking exercise which should probably offend me a little more than it does. Using a whisper thin version of the classic rebellious-kid-adopts-animal storyline as a way to indulge the audience in the everyday lives of nomadic Mongolian sheep herders, the movie is aimed with merciless precision at the middlebrow arthouse audience, and should hit its target squarely.… (read more)

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