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Transformers: The Movie (1986)

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This 1986 big budget continuation of the series must have come as quite a shock to children everywhere. Eleven year olds, imprinted like baby ducks with toys that turned from robots into various types of vehicular transport, must have been stunned with what the movie offered up. Unaware that toy producer Hasbro saw the movie as a deck clearing exercise for a new line of toys, kids must have been close to traumatized to witness Autobot leader Optimus Prime’s brutal … (read more)

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Unleashed (2005)

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David and Margaret of The Movie Show didn’t really like Unleashed, giving it a good panning, although admitting that they liked the action sequences and some of the performances. This raised my hackles a little — I liked this film, though I can see why some would feel that it’s a little cliched and lacking in dramatic depth. Nonetheless, I really think it’s the best thing that Jet Li’s done in the Western cinema world and very like several … (read more)

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The Turandot Project (documentary) (2001)

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Chinese and opera are not two words seen together that inspire a great deal of joy in my life. The clanging and screeching tend to more irritate than entertain whenever I am exposed to my cultural heritage. In contrast, I don’t mind an Italian opera or other operas of the western classical sensitivity.

So much for nature over nurture.

Well at the very least when it comes to musical taste. So a making of Turandot is something I don’t mind. … (read more)

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Robotech (1982)

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Ah nostalgia. It’s not quite what it use to be.

Having grown up on Saturday morning cartoons, it was hard not to be impressed when Robotech first came onto the airwaves. After all, it was probably the first time I had come across Japanese anime – well apart from Speed Racer, Kimba the White Lion, Astroboy… OK taken a serious interest in Japanese anime.

The thing is, though, when I came across Robotech, it wasn’t my first … (read more)

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