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Bleach 4: Hell Verse (2010)

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The Original Video Animation, or OVA (or, alternatively, OAV depending on your tomayto-tomahto standpoint) has gone the way of the Dodo. It’s dead. Defunct. It has rejected cumbersome technologies and eliminated redundant markets and evolved into the Movie; as in Naruto the Movie, or One Piece the Movie, or for the purposes of this review, Bleach the MovieHell Verse (also known as Hell Chapter), to be exact.

It used to be that your typical … (read more)

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Bleach (2004)

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Last week, a manga buddy recently indoctrinated into the joys of anime asked me: “Hey, is Bleach any good? I’m thinking of buying it.”

Oh, I immediately enthused, it’s frigging awesome. Definitely don’t get it.

It’s the little ways in which we try to help our friends, isn’t it?

Because Bleach is awesome, and approaching one hundred and thirty or so episodes in Japan without any sign of stopping, it’s almost too watchable. Sure, that’s not so much in … (read more)

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