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Jodhaa Akbar (2008)

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If you dialled 1300-FILM EPICS in India, I’m sure you’ll get a direct line to Ashutosh Gowariker. The man seems to have a penchant for making big epics. Note his body of work – Lagaan, Swades, Mangal Pandey. His most famous work outside of his home country is the nearly 4 hour long Foreign Film Oscar Nominated Lagaan. So what is he offering this time with Jodhaa Akbar, a historical epic set in the 16th Mughal empire?

I’m … (read more)

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Swades (2004)

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The story of Swades begins with the introduction of Mohan Bhargava (Shahrukh Khan), an Indian living and working in the USA. Mohan, a scientist for NASA is assigned to the Global Precipitation Measurement Satellite project. From the exterior all seems well for Mohan, but he is troubled with the thoughts of his childhood nanny Kaveriamma (Kishori Balal) who still resides in India. With the thoughts plaguing his mind, he instinctively decides to travel to India and trace the whereabouts of … (read more)

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Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001)

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Being an Aussie male, it is pretty much mandatory socially, if not legally, to know something, anything about cricket. It is pretty hard to grow up in Australia and have not swung a bat or bowled a ball at least once. Or even have a conversation related to cricket in some fashion (as men will do to avoid talking about their feelings and such, so I’m told, of course) over a beer in the summer. That, I can say, I … (read more)

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