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Rayearth (2000)

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If there is one thing about anime, and in particular anime from the creative pool called Clamp (check out the X review for more info on the Clamp collective), it is that nothing ever happens on a mundane level. If you find yourself in a Clamp story, of indeterminate high-school age and Chosen (it doesn’t really matter what for) you can at least be sure the last thing you are going to be is bored. It’s the world at … (read more)

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Chobits (2002)

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Many of us are attached to the array of organisers, communicators, computers and other kinds of functional task-masters that we use for various ends on a daily basis. All these items tend to have common exterior design traits: a cold and hard surface, a box-like shape, a monitor or display of some nature — one that does not look back at us. While we often attribute the word ‘personal’ to most of these assistants in our labour and leisure, im(read more)

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