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Gurren Lagann (2009)

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Kudos to Madman for posting episodes of Gurren Lagann as part of their free streaming service: Screening Room. While miserly companies would have hosted lesser titles, with prime cuts like fan favourite, Full Metal Alchemist and top shelf work like Gurren Lagann from Studio Gainax, Madman is giving fans a real gourmet selection of titles to taste.

Studio Gainax is best known for Neon Genesis Evangelion and it sure must be one hell of a place to work. Up in … (read more)

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Dead Leaves (2004)

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Dead Leaves is subtle like a brick through a plate glass window. It is fifty minutes of ultra-violence, prison sex and bodily functions. The humour is pitched at the level of a fifth grade repeater. And it’s the most refreshingly original anime I’ve seen for a long time.

Pandy with her circled eye and lightning bolt cow lick and the monitor-headed Retro are an anime Bonny & Clyde. The pair are oddly endearing with their, ‘magazine clip is half full’ … (read more)

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