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Noein – To Your Other Self (2005)

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The first thing you’ll notice about Noein is that it’s beautiful; not in a conventional way though. It stretches and bends the normal sense of the physical that most anime adheres to. Sometimes it’s only slight – the sketchy, jerky way the characters are rendered and move; and sometimes it’s more extreme, like the stunning opening action sequence in the first episode, for example. Perspective is a malleable thing, which is a little ironic considering the story involves multiple universes … (read more)

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Heat Guy J (2003)

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Heat Guy J is an episodic detective yarn structured around individual missions that fit within some kind of larger narrative framework concerning rival mafiosos, mysterious scientists and a bunch of swooning women in love with the somewhat boyish and effiminate Daisuke — J’s human partner who dominates screen time and is consequently far more involved in the story.

Suited to an undemanding audience looking for fairly standard intrigue and action, there’s little to dislike but not a lot to love … (read more)

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