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Blood Rain (2005)

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Blood Rain was introduced at the Brisbane International Film Festival as a cross-genre film, and it turned out to be an accurate assessment. A little bit period film, a little bit classic detective thriller, a little bit slasher film, a little bit rock and roll. Okay, not so much with the rock and roll (unless you count the numerous and nasty ways people die), but this mix bag of genres is far from confused, taking features from each and making … (read more)

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Bungee Jumping of Their Own (2001)

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Featuring an inventive endless-love story that transgresses time and death in order to explore various individual resistances and social restrictions that affect gay relationships, this is either a successfully emotive queer movie with unusually straight overtones, or a somewhat fleeting and dissatisfying attempt to capture gestures and images of homosexual love, or both these coded types at once.

Maybe I’m a sucker for surface narration in this particular film, because the moments near the end struck a literal chord as … (read more)

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