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The Tower (2012)

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The Tower is South Korea’s first attempt at a full-on disaster movie, and overall it’s pretty good but does bear a strong resemblance to the Hollywood pic The Towering Inferno, widely seen as the peak title in this 1970s movie subgenre.

It’s also the latest film from director Kim Ji-hoon, whose most recent pic was the underwater-monster feature Sector 7, which did big business at the box-office.

Christmas Eve in Seoul sees the public debut of the Tower … (read more)

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Sector 7 (2011)

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The blockbuster horror movie, much like the blockbuster action movie, is a genre from which you can, and most certainly should, expect certain things. And, yes that does mean taking the good (things lurking around in the dark, people dying horribly and spectacular man-monster showdowns preferably involving explosions and/or heavy machinery) with the bad (contrived plot devices, stereotyped characters, average dialogue and predictable developments). When you know what you’re in for and the good balances out the bad, well, surely … (read more)

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May 18 (2007)

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May 18 is a film that many pinned their hopes on, in Korea’s flagging film industry, which has been producing far fewer profitable films in the last year or two. And with good reason: it’s a historical epic (flavour of the month, for successful Korean films), it’s based on real events, it’s got a relatively large budget (about US$10M) and it’s got a good cast, led by Kim Sang-Kyung (Tale of Cinema, Memories of Murder).

The film … (read more)

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