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Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers (2009)

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There is a history in anime of the adaptation of TV series to movies. Often these films are new stories in the same world, like the Cowboy Bebop movie. Other films closely adapt the plot of the original, taking out a lot of the filler that sometimes creeps in during a series like the Evangelion movies. And then there is Eureka Seven.

Renton is the pilot of a mecha called Nirvash, named after a childhood pet, aboard … (read more)

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Eureka 7 (2005)

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Like most otaku, I lie awake at night and come up with my perfect anime series. During the late nineties it was Neon Genesis Evangelion as done by Studio Ghibli. Two things caused me to recently revise my dream team: Miyazaki hadn’t returned my calls in close to ten years and Full Metal Alchemist turned up on the scene with its perfect mix of action, character and cerebelum-rattling, ‘good guys on the bad guys’ team’. Disturbingly then Eureka 7 almost … (read more)

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