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The Soong Sisters (1997)

Of all the films I saw in 1997, The Soong Sisters was my favourite movie of that year. It soon became the most awarded Chinese film of the late 1990s.

A Hong Kong-China co-production and distributed by the Golden Harvest company, The Soong Sisters is a biopic of three Chinese-born and American-educated young women, who each played an important part in modern Chinese history. It’s a triumph of ensemble acting and superb direction which weaves these three lives together.

Michelle … (read more)

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Beijing Rocks (2000)

HK director Mabel Cheung has decided to turn her attention to the underground Beijing rock scene in which she captures the sweaty desperation, energy and frenzy of this movement with much success.

Or perhaps that was also the brilliance of Crouching Tiger cinematographer Peter Pau?

Michael [Daniel Wu], a troubled HK singer songwriter, tags along with Lu [Geng Le], the charismatic lead singer of a hard core Beijing band while awaiting trial for behaviour misdemeanour [he started a fight in … (read more)

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