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Corpse Princess – Collection One (2008)

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Ouri Kagami is an orphan at a temple in Japan. He’s been there for most of his life, having been found as a young boy by one of the monks at the temple — Keisei Tagami, who later in life is seen by Ouri as a brother figure. A lecherous pervert of a brother figure, but a brother figure none the less. After many years at the temple, Ouri decides that it’s time to move away and start a new … (read more)

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Gilgamesh (2003)

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Long has mythology and history inspired anime. Remember Studio Pierrot’s Mysterious Cities of Gold back in the 80’s, where ancient South American technology was set against the backdrop of a boy’s search for his father? Or how about something from more recent memory, like Rah Xephon for example, where oracles and obscure references to the Greek arts take centre stage? Even the epic Neon Genesis Evangelion could be said to draw upon aspects of religious mythology, making a good argument … (read more)

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