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Space Adventure Cobra (1982)

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Nostalgia can be a bad thing. It makes you remember things, being better than they really were, after a period of time has passed. I remember watching a cartoon, as a young lad, called M.A.S.K. about a bunch of guys that drove around in cars that could transform and they had to wear these masks to make the cars work. Watching it again recently was just downright painful. I thought the cheesiness of it all would kill me. Sometimes old … (read more)

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The Professional: Golgo 13 (1983)

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“I don’t believe it – a man with balls as big as his, and he’s spooked.”

Such is the danger of the Very Bad Place that professional assassin Golgo 13 finds himself after contract-killing the son of a billionaire oil tycoon. Sort of an amalgam of James Bond, 1970s exploitation flicks, Eurotrash/Heavy Metal, and the coolest abstract storytelling imaginable in the early-1980s, Golgo 13 is a welcome antidote for those wishing to get away from politically correct or aesthetically laborious … (read more)

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Blackjack (1997)

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Blackjack was and continues to be for me in many ways a definitive anime film. It doesn’t have the distinction of being the first anime ever made, nor the first I ever saw. The manga it is based on isn’t the first ever written, although it comes directly from the body of work by Osamu Tezuka, the ‘God of Manga’. It’s not as action packed as anime in the vein of Akira, nor has it the psychological depth of … (read more)

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