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Astro Boy (1980)

Astro Boy started off as a manga for children in the 1950s, and became a household name internationally with the release of its first anime series in 1963. However, creator and master animator Osamu Tezuka was reportedly not completely happy with the original anime, and went on to remake the series in 1980. This time, it again showcases the action and adventure seen in the original series, but it also incorporates much more of Tezuka‚Äôs philosophy and thinking. The result … (read more)

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Tezuka: The Experimental Films (2007)

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Rare indeed as most of these short films were destined for film festivals. Having had the pleasure and luck to have seen a handful at the Hong Kong International Film Festival a few years back, I longed to see them again. Now my wait is over as a selective 13 of these experimental films have been put together in this DVD with some choice extras.

Tezuka’s legacy in modern animation is staggering, having left behind a large body of work … (read more)

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