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Bubble (2022)

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Spoiler warning: this film gives away the ending of The Little Mermaid. Not the Disney film, but the rather different ending of the Hans Christian Andersen version of the story. The reason for said spoiling is because — among the heady cosmological concepts, post-apocalyptic parkour races, teenage anime angst and energetic music — the dramatic question at the heart of all this hullabaloo is how far Bubble will adhere to, or diverge from, The Little Mermaid’s fate as Andersen told … (read more)

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High School of the Dead (2010)

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I Love Zombies. I’ve watched films I would never normally watch simply because the film has zombies in it. In my DVD collection I have all but one of the George Romero zombie films -– and I will get that one in time too -– Shaun of the Dead, Zombie Strippers, Undead and Dead & Breakfast; however my pride and joy is the comic book collections of The Walking Dead. I love it more than the … (read more)

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Death Note (2006)

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It’s impossible when reviewing Death Note not to end up coming across just a little bilingual. I don’t mean as in Japanese English; I mean in terms of analogue to digital medium. Death Note, for the one or two people in the world who don’t already know, started as a manga conceived and written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Hikaru no Go’s Takeshi Obata. It was serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump starting December 2003 and the 12 volume … (read more)

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