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Wayward Cloud (2005)

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Ah, Tsai! You wonderfully sick individual. Tsai Ming-liang’s latest offering is an occasionally hilarious, frustrating, uncomfortable (in the good way and the bad way) and just slightly disappointing romantic freakshow. With musical numbers!

Starring the utterly fearless Lee Kang-sheng as a “star” of semi-professional porn, The Wayward Cloud tells one of those stories about two all-but-mute loners (Lee and Chen Shiang-chyi) with an obvious mutual attraction who slowly and uncertainly find their way together. These sorts of stories tend to … (read more)

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Goodbye Dragon Inn (2003)

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If you like Taiwanese drama, then read no further, because you’re likely to be annoyed. For the rest of you, here’s my unvarnished opinion of Goodbye, Dragon Inn.

Interminable. Almost unwatchable. Aside from no more than 2 slightly amusing moments, the film had nothing I wanted to see. And they may have been slightly amusing only in contrast to the absolute tedium of the rest of the film: a desperate attempt by one’s forebrain to extract something, anything, out … (read more)

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