Review: City Hunter (1992)

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What can I say about City Hunter that hasn’t already been said? It stars Jackie Chan, although he’s forced by Wong Jing to be rather more of a buffoon than is strictly necessary. There’s Chingamy Yau, Joey Wong, and a couple of other glamorous babes, as should be expected in a Wong Jing flick. There’s a cruise ship, lots of rich people, and Richard Norton leading a posse of bad white guys (well, mostly white). Leon Lai Ming shows up once or twice to wave his hair at us and smile, Ken Lo does amazing things with his legs, Eric Kot sings and dances, and some stuff blows up (not because of Eric Kot singing and dancing). All pretty standard Wong Jingery.

The fight scenes are probably the best bits, since we get Jackie giving his all, as he is so often wont to do. The scenes with Richard Norton are fairly impressive, since there we see two guys with some serious stunt cred, and they work pretty well together. Ken Lo And His Amazing Legs, of course, have been entertaining cinema-goers for years, and it never seems to matter who he’s up against, because the eyes are all on the legs (in a manner of speaking).

Mindless entertainment with a high goofy quotient, oodles of cleavage, and some nice fight scenes. Don’t expect social commentary, ‘cos Wong is no Dostoyevsky. Then again, don’t you get tired of endless snow and unpronounceable names?

6.5 inflatable sharks out of 10.
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