Review: Ghostly Vixen (1990)

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Not available in Australia on DVD (to our knowledge)

The film is called Ghostly Vixen and it stars Amy Yip, Unfortunately (for some) it is not a soft core sex romp, instead you have a decidedly lowbrow supernatural comedy. This film tries hard to be the king of all lowbrow: try the dick joke that has to be seen to be believed or the ‘beating up women is fun’ sequence. In the end the films stupidity nullifies any chance it has to truly offend, really all you you can do is laugh (and wonder who ever thought any of the gags would be funny.)

Really it’s Sandra Ng who makes this watchable, she actually drags out a few laughs in her role as the vengeful ugly-duckling (I actually think she has a nice face and is often unfairly cast as ‘the ugly one’) I don’t know what the hell Bill Tung and Wu Ma are doing in this (must have been a slow month). The film actually gets better towards the end when the supernatural thrill take over from the lame comedy.

This would make a pretty good double bill with something like OPS 2 and like I’ve said before, trash is much more enjoyable when watched with friends (so share the love, people).

6 Coin Operated Swords out of 10.
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