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My Life as McDull (2001)

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Damn if this film didn’t make the whole audience roar with laughter!

My Life as McDull is an incredibly cute and bittersweet animated feature from director Toe Yuen and the brainchild of producer Brian Tse. Spinning off from a successful TV series in HK, it’s a series of vignettes about piglet, McDull and his childhood in HK. A combination of mixed media – 2D, 3D, live action etc.., McDull is visually gorgeous, with nods to Takahata’s My Neighbour the Yamadas(read more)

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Ghostly Vixen (1990)

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The film is called Ghostly Vixen and it stars Amy Yip, Unfortunately (for some) it is not a soft core sex romp, instead you have a decidedly lowbrow supernatural comedy. This film tries hard to be the king of all lowbrow: try the dick joke that has to be seen to be believed or the ‘beating up women is fun’ sequence. In the end the films stupidity nullifies any chance it has to truly offend, really all you you can … (read more)

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Good Times, Bed Times (2003)

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OK, this isn’t so much a movie but a series of gags, some good some bad, strung together with a loose narrative. Written by Chan Hing Kar and directed by Patrick Leung, it is the team who brought you La Brassiere and its follow up Mighty Baby. Unfortunately Good Times, Bed Times is more the puerile Mighty Baby than the snappy La Brassiere. Although it builds itself as a sexy sophisticated farce, the material is quite shallow with … (read more)

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Dance of a Dream (2001)

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Andy Lau conceived this film as an antidote to the general spiritual malaise that swept the world in the wake of the World Trade Centre bombings: it went together fast, and was intended to make people in Hong Kong smile and feel good again. Andy himself was stuck in Toronto, having gone there with Johnnie To to promote Fulltime Killer, and didn’t make it to Australia in time for the Melbourne concert to which I had a damn good … (read more)

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Golden Chicken (2002)

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“What, no Andy, no moaning?” This has to be my favourite line from this film, and is a good contender for my favourite line ever. We hear it late in the film, when Ah Kam, our golden chicken, is being tutored in the fine art of moaning. This comes about as an extension of a famous ad that featured Andy Lau instructing Hong Kong workers how to serve customers: to Kam’s surprise, Andy climbs out of her telly and starts … (read more)

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