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Wu Dang (2012)

An entertaining, family-friendly mishmash of martial arts picture and Indiana Jones-style treasure hunt, Wu Dang shows off some serious talent both in front of and behind the camera, coupled with a stunning setting way up amongst the Taoist temples in the Wudang Mountains.

Vincent Zhao returns to the role of leading man after 2010’s True Legend, which was his first cinema appearance in quite some time, after spending most of the decade prior in television in Hong Kong and … (read more)

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La Brassiere (2001)

Lau Ching Wan has returned to films after a one year hiatus, and somehow got himself onto a project which involves him sharing scenes with about a dozen pretty women in their undergarments. Hard work for some.

Johnny (Lau Ching Wan) and Wayne (Louis Koo) are hired as the first male bra designers for Sis, the firm run by Samantha (Carina Lau). Their mission: to design the world’s best bra, much to the mockery of current head designer Lena (Gigi … (read more)

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Good Times, Bed Times (2003)

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OK, this isn’t so much a movie but a series of gags, some good some bad, strung together with a loose narrative. Written by Chan Hing Kar and directed by Patrick Leung, it is the team who brought you La Brassiere and its follow up Mighty Baby. Unfortunately Good Times, Bed Times is more the puerile Mighty Baby than the snappy La Brassiere. Although it builds itself as a sexy sophisticated farce, the material is quite shallow with … (read more)

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Demi-Haunted (2000)

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Let’s get my prejudices out in the open, OK? I have never been a particularly big fan of Chinese opera. Something to do with growing up and listening to it and not knowing what was going on and the constant clang of the percussion methinks. Even when I saw Farewell My Concubine, my eyes kind of glazed over when there were those (thankfully) few opera scenes. That and there seems on irregular intervals, bursts of hip-hop (another type of … (read more)

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Mighty Baby (2002)

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If you think babies are adorable, then you might get something out of this film. If, like me, you don’t, then you might find this film as disappointing as I did.

Despite having a strong cast who try their best, this baby romance fails to follow up on the promise of La Brassiere. It would have been hard to make a sequel to that one, given that the nature of romantic comedies is to have all the appropriate cast … (read more)

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