Review: Heroic Duo (2003)

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Dead funky computer animation during the credit sequence promises that Heroic Duo will be one helluva film. The remaining 101 minutes delivers on that promise. A solid cast, tight direction, and production values through the roof work together to make a tense, intriguing film.

The story begins with Ekin Cheng essaying a tense cop investigating a colleague who claims to have been hypnotised, shortly before blowing his brains out. Cheng seeks out a jailed hypnotist, played by Leon Lai, for advice. Turns out a master hypnotist is planning to steal some fabulous gems at auction, so Cheng takes his pet hypnotist to the scene. Lai escapes, Cheng is framed, and everybody is falling over each other to catch the villain, or get away, or foil the other guy.

The story gets more complicated from there, with more twists and turns than your lower intestine (although less partly-digested food). Francis Ng, as the villain, is urbane, obscenely talented, and dead sexy. Lai is cool and enigmatic, while Cheng, divested of his trademark long hair, really acts. There’s guns and car chases for the boys, three sexpot men for the girls, and loads of action and intrigue for everyone.

9 fabulous gems out of 10.
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