Review: Princess Blade (2001)

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This live action manga is enjoyable in a low key way: no flashy sets, a fairly thin plot, but if sword fights are what you’re looking for, then look no further. The lead actress (Shaku Yumiko) apparently did many of her own stunts, and comes off surprisingly well for one who looks so soft and young. Life in her neck of the woods is clearly a lot more difficult than most of the tribulations we have to endure.

I particularly liked the costumes. Not because they were flashy and gorgeous, but because they weren’t. The bare-bones utility of the costumes added a dose of realism, especially given the penchant of many filmmakers to reason thus: “It’s set in the future, right? So we’ve got to have either Ming The Merciless beads and sequins, or Mad Max rags and tatters. Flash or flutter, what’s it to be?” I hate to disappoint some of you, but yer average fightin’ blade-babe ain’t gonna be showing a lotta leg in a chamois bikini: she’s gonna wear something that might provide a bit of protection against the blades that go whizzing around her soft parts (i.e. anything encased by skin).

Overall convincing, and well worth watching.

7.5 Thoroughly Padded Outifts out of 10.
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