Review: Tiger on Beat 2 (1990)

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Not available in Australia on DVD (to our knowledge)

Everything about this in-name-only sequel to Tiger on the Beat feels second rate, but for some reason I found it enjoyable — well kinda. Most of the original cast members return in slightly different roles, the bonus being that Conan Lee can fight Gordon Liu again (though it’s not a patch on their first effort). This is real B grade stuff; it looks like it was reeled off pretty quickly without much care for the end result. Also, for an action film this really doesn’t have much action — when fights do break out they are unnecessarily dominated by editing. Lau Kar Leung is slumming it but it never feels like a total disaster; it’s a little boring but it’s not a struggle to watch.

The real highlight comes about fifteen minutes in when Conan Lee spectacularly fails an attempted stunt and falls about 30 feet from a lamp post. Luckily Lau Kar Leung was kind enough to work it into the film and then to show it again in tasteful slow motion.

You would be disappointed if you paid money for this but you could do worse than to catch it on free-to-air (if there was nothing better on, of course).

5.5 Awkward Falls out of 10.
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