Review: Weatherwoman (1996)

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Only the Japanese could make this film. Only the Japanese could turn an underwear fetish into bizarre grand opera, complete with gymnastic heroine, sing-along news presenters, and a grande finale battle worthy of Tsui Hark. And only the Japanese could get away with Keiko as heroine.

We first meet Keiko in the opening scene, set atop a school building. A bewildered schoolboy gazes upwards in adoration, at his idol, Keiko, who is clutching the flagpole and energetically masturbating. Very energetically. Very noisily. As I said, only the Japanese. And she continues this habit, being late for an interview with her boss because of it (in the ladies’ toilet this time): “It’s my routine”, she declares, backflipping her way down the hall.

It only gets weirder. Keiko takes over the weather, and Michiko, the previous weatherwoman, is given her own show. A documentary show. All I need to say about that is that this show is titled “Hello, Mr Pervert”, and you’ll get the idea. A private operator (played by the inimitable Osugi Ren) is dispatched to foil Keiko’s plot, and ends up harnessed and gagged and beaten by the very dominant Keiko.

Enter the villain: the chairman’s daughter, Kaori, returning from Paris to challenge Keiko. The station is split into Kaori’s partisans, recognisable by the baguettes they carry, and Keiko’s, who tend to be either strong young men dressed in speedos and bow ties or aging board members. You know it’ll all end, not just in tears, but in combat.

I won’t give away any further details, although there’s plenty more to give. If you’re likely to be offended by sex, discipline, whips, enemas, or anything else, best not to watch this. If you have a robust attitude to all the above, then you may well get a laugh out of it, punctuated by frequent gasps of disbelief. And when you’ve seen it, you still won’t believe it.

7.5 training regimens involving ropes and whips out of 10.
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