Review: Women From Mars (2002)

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Not available in Australia on DVD (to our knowledge)

If you’ve been waiting for years to see three men looking into their boxers and screaming, then wait no longer: Women From Mars can fill that very specific need. If, like me, you’d managed to get this far in life without being bothered by such odd cravings, then you might still get a bit of a laugh.

For starters, it might satisfy your desire to see some sexist blokes get their just desserts. And while losing their willies might seem a bit of a harsh punishment, be reassured. Since this is a semi-comedy, the willie-loss is only temporary, until our boys have learnt their lesson. And even though they didn’t lose them through involuntary surgery (ie having them lopped off by a vengeful ex-girlfriend), I’d have thought they might have cottoned on a bit more quickly. But perhaps losing a todger is enough to cloud a man’s mind, so we should give them the benefit of the doubt.

This piece of fluff is as lightweight as possible without actually drifting away. Our three leads manage as best they can with the material, although Michael Wong is clearly struggling (no news there). Cheung Tat Ming is oddly cast but copes, while Ekin wears the role of philandering hairdresser as if born to it: there’s a career waiting for him if his current one stalls. Hsu Qi and Louis Koo pop up in cameos looking exquisite, while Francis Ng and Wayne Lai romp away with their supporting roles in a shamefully scene-stealing manner.

Overall, pretty pointless lightweight fluff, that can be enjoyed to a moderate degree if you turn off your brain first.

5.5 empty boxer shorts out of 10.
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