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Revenge: A Love Story (2010)

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Revenge: A Love Story from director Wong Ching Po (Jiang Hu, Mob Sister) reaches back into the past to Hong Kong’s grisly Cat-III action pics, where buckets of blood and more than a touch of sadism were de rigueur. Wong adds a modern sensibility to the mix, though, bringing good production values and some technical sophistication to the picture… but is that enough to elevate it beyond exploitation territory?… (read more)

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The Lost Bladesman (2011)

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The Lost Bladesman is a film adaptation of a portion of the Chinese historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which has been the basis of many popular adaptations, most recently Red Cliff, the anime series Ikki Tousen and the popular Dynasty Warriors series of video games.

This particular film follows Guan Yu, here played by Donnie Yen (SPL, Ip Man, and Shanghai Knights), a great warrior and general who is more or less … (read more)

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Two Champions of Shaolin (1978)

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Chang Cheh’s films with the “Venoms” crew of actors and action choreographers are amongst his most famous. Justifiably so, too — these guys do their thing well, with some amazing fight sequences that show off a variety of styles and some complex choreography.

Two Champions of Shaolin is set at the beginning of the Qing dynasty and focuses on the two dominant schools of martial arts, Shaolin and Wu Tang. Wu Tang supports the Qing government, while the Shaolin school … (read more)

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Tai Chi Master (1993)

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Psst. Hey, wanna see a movie where everyone fights? Then Tai Chi Master might be just what you’re looking for.

Right from the start, where we’re introduced to the young Junbao and Tinbao as junior monks at Shaolin Temple, they’re scrapping. Fortunately, we’re spared too many “lovable tyke” moments, as the lads soon grow into Jet Li and Chin Siu Ho, still exercising their skills on laundry, lunch, and other pupils. Tinbao’s hasty temper lands them in a major pole … (read more)

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The Seventh Curse (1986)

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This may be the stupidest film I’ve ever seen; I loved it.

It’s a pulp adventure barely starring Chow Yun-fat as the hero Wisely; 90% of the film follows the exploits of his doctor/explorer/martial artist friend Dr Yuan (Chin Siu Ho), who’s a man with a problem: when he’s about to have sex, he’s smitten with a damn unsatisfying Thai curse which makes bullets burst from his body. That’s gotta cramp anyone’s style.

The only way to solve the matter … (read more)

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