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Story of Ricky (1993)

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This schlock horror classic, based on a manga called Ricky-oh, will delight fans of extreme violence. Our eponymous hero Ricky (Fan Siu Wong) is banged up in prison for killing heroin traffickers responsible for the death of his girlfriend (the giggling Gloria Yip), and meets a variety of brutal killers all bent on extracting various parts of his well-muscled body, probably to use as decoration. Fortunately, Ricky has super-strength, and fights his way through a roster of bad guys. Quite … (read more)

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Erotic Ghost Story (1987)

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I’m not entirely sure which came first — Erotic Ghost Story’s  (relative) infamy or its constant repeat screenings on late night television, but in the end I don’t think it really matters.  The fact that it plays every six months on SBS (and now every six weeks on cable) would suggest that it continues to reach some kind of audience, right?  The are other, more famous examples (Sex and Zen) of the ‘genre’ that Erotic Ghost Story is … (read more)

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The Seventh Curse (1986)

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This may be the stupidest film I’ve ever seen; I loved it.

It’s a pulp adventure barely starring Chow Yun-fat as the hero Wisely; 90% of the film follows the exploits of his doctor/explorer/martial artist friend Dr Yuan (Chin Siu Ho), who’s a man with a problem: when he’s about to have sex, he’s smitten with a damn unsatisfying Thai curse which makes bullets burst from his body. That’s gotta cramp anyone’s style.

The only way to solve the matter … (read more)

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