Review: Story of Ricky (1993)

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This schlock horror classic, based on a manga called Ricky-oh, will delight fans of extreme violence. Our eponymous hero Ricky (Fan Siu Wong) is banged up in prison for killing heroin traffickers responsible for the death of his girlfriend (the giggling Gloria Yip), and meets a variety of brutal killers all bent on extracting various parts of his well-muscled body, probably to use as decoration. Fortunately, Ricky has super-strength, and fights his way through a roster of bad guys. Quite literally: Ricky drives his mighty fist through body parts right and left, leaving dollops of blood and leftover bits that sometimes wriggle about like newborn eels.

Oddly enough, the back story to this extreme violence is a sociopolitical one: the privatization of prisons, which the writers of the manga accurately predicted in the early 90s, although they may have slightly overstated the potential for mayhem. The serious political comment sits oddly with the ‘buckets urv blurd’ aesthetic, making for a schizophrenic experience that will wreck your mind as well as your appetite.

The bad guys are seriously bad, and the good guys, except for Ricky, are dispatched with extreme prejudice. There’s a plethora of skin removal, more entrails than a pork butcher, and more blood than a dozen black puddings. There’s carpentry tools and iron bars, mincing machines and attempted strangulation by entrails. If you rate films according to the amount of inside bits brought outside, this will score over the top. If not, then best you don’t watch it.

4 carpentry tools used for cosmetic surgery out of 10.
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