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High School of the Dead (2010)

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I Love Zombies. I’ve watched films I would never normally watch simply because the film has zombies in it. In my DVD collection I have all but one of the George Romero zombie films -– and I will get that one in time too -– Shaun of the Dead, Zombie Strippers, Undead and Dead & Breakfast; however my pride and joy is the comic book collections of The Walking Dead. I love it more than the … (read more)

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Peacemaker (2003)

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It might seem like something of an oxymoron calling a series about the Shinsengumi — Japan’s most infamous police force — Peacemaker. If you’ve seen any of the Samurai X OAVs or the Rurouni Kenshin TV series, you’ll already be familiar with — at least in vague, creatively licensed terms — the main players in this well known period in Japanese history. During the death-throes of a two hundred year-long period of isolation for Japan from the outside world, … (read more)

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Gad Guard (2003)

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First off, don’t be misled by the kiddie visuals of Gad Gard’s box art. It is actually quite sophisticated with some overt sexuality from the female players.

Gad Gard stitches together a retro patchwork of influences from sixties mod chic: short, pleated mini-shirts, sweater vests, mopeds, a jazzy saxophone in the title sequence straight out of Cowboy Bebop, to nineteenth century Dickensian street urchins armed with jet-powered skateboards and Faginesque villians. Patch this all into a Euro steam-punk future … (read more)

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