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Hell Girl (2005)

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Japan has always understood the value of its folklore. Its cultural subconscious has provided a rich vein that writers continually return to constantly finding new ways to explore, reinterpret and repackage. In the late nineties appeared the Ring, films attaching modern technology to its urban legends creating the J-horror genre. It’s as if Japanese storytellers inherently understood that folk tales required a modernisation pass. Cautionary tales about the dangers of wearing red and visiting grandma in the forest lacked contemporary … (read more)

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Witchblade (2006)

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For a change of pace now, instead of reviewing an anime series based off a popular manga series, I’m going to review an anime series based off an American comic. After seeing one episode of this anime re-imagination of the original comic – the main character, location and plotting has been changed – I wanted to love the show. It really felt like something I could enjoy; unfortunately as I kept watching I felt less inclined to keep watching.

It … (read more)

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Paranoia Agent (2004)

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You slide a disk into the tray. The laser bites and the disk whirs in appreciation. You select the first episode from the main menu and the chiming theme kicks in — man, I love anime.

Though, as much as I enjoy anime my brain won’t disconnect completely to the experience. I still think about the, ‘1:32 scale model of the Pisa Tower constructed out of dirty dishes’ or, ‘when am I going to deal with a refrigerator that is … (read more)

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