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Witchblade (2006)

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For a change of pace now, instead of reviewing an anime series based off a popular manga series, I’m going to review an anime series based off an American comic. After seeing one episode of this anime re-imagination of the original comic – the main character, location and plotting has been changed – I wanted to love the show. It really felt like something I could enjoy; unfortunately as I kept watching I felt less inclined to keep watching.

It … (read more)

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Galaxy Angel (2001)

You know I tried to resist but “wacky and zany” pretty much sums up Galaxy Angel. It is a far-flung future where hysterical over-reaction is the standard response to any given situation and any notion of plot is subservient to comedic set-ups & pay-offs.

And where there is anime hi-jinx, a little fan service can’t be far behind. Discipline in the Galaxy Angels seems to be fairly relaxed with the standard issue uniforms undergoing a number of personal modifications. … (read more)

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