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Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team (1996)

I like giant robots. It was one of the things that got me started in this great big world of Anime and Manga. As much as I like the giant robot genre of anime I had never watched any of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise before Manifest 2009. It was just so daunting of a task: Multiple series in multiple timelines. How a fan could wrap their head around it all and still not mutter and cry in a … (read more)

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Planetes (2003)

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Science Fiction tends to portray the future in one of two ways: there’s the idealized, hang-the-expense future where doors are automatic and cars float. Alternatively, there are the dystopic or apocalyptic visions where humanity has slipped on the razor’s edge on which it is so precariously balanced into destroying itself and its environment – often over something as trivial as the best ways to get cars to hover.

Planetes eschews these approaches. Instead it presents a perfectly possible future where … (read more)

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Gasaraki (2002)

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Dancing While Standing Still

Gasaraki is on the surface exactly what it appears to be – mysteries and experiments and secret organisations; a boy and a girl and dangerous destinies; advanced weaponry, military might and political scheming. It does not fail to deliver and is complex and intriguing enough to be enjoyed on this level with few shortcomings. But it is also more than this and that is where its greater strength lies. Look beneath its initial value. Think not … (read more)

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