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House Of Fury (2005)

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Well, it’s not Doctor Zhivago. But then, who thought that it would be? Director “Dimples” Fung shows once again that he’s got a fair grip on the mechanics of film-making, and can direct a popular film.

Okay, the star roster doesn’t hurt: there’s Dimples and Daniel Wu for those that like looking at pretty young men, there’s both Twins for those that like them, and there’s Anthony Wong and Wu Ma for those who enjoy watching good acting. And … (read more)

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My Schoolmate the Barbarian (2000)

There are times when you need some mindless entertainment to help you shed the worries of the day. This is just such entertainment, from the master of mindless entertainment, Wong Jing, although this time it’s one for the girls. Within the first five minutes we see Nic Tse with his shirt ripped and his hair falling over his eyes, in a variety of heroic poses of which Wong Fei Hung would be proud.

A lot of people disparage Wong Jing, … (read more)

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2002 (2001)

This film stinks and I hate it. You know why? Not because of the completely incoherent plot. Not because the performances exist in an emotional vacuum. Not even because the soundtrack (ironically featuring a song entitled “Let Me Die”) made me want to kill myself. No, I hate 2002 because I want to be a magic cop. (Actually, I really want to be a magical-realist cop, but I’d happily settle for the plain old magic version.) If I was a … (read more)

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Conman 2002 (2002)

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OK, hands up all those who have seen Tricky Master 2000.

Right, keep your hands up if you LIKED Tricky Master 2000.

Mm hmm. Well, those of you with your hands still up probably going to love this film.

As for everyone else, well…

OK. I admit it. I laughed at this movie. I sat there, in the cinema, and did not have a horrible time watching it. It takes a certain sense of humour to appreciate this … (read more)

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