Review: My Schoolmate the Barbarian (2000)

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Not available in Australia on DVD (to our knowledge)

There are times when you need some mindless entertainment to help you shed the worries of the day. This is just such entertainment, from the master of mindless entertainment, Wong Jing, although this time it’s one for the girls. Within the first five minutes we see Nic Tse with his shirt ripped and his hair falling over his eyes, in a variety of heroic poses of which Wong Fei Hung would be proud.

A lot of people disparage Wong Jing, but it’s hard to argue that his films are successful: he’s never lost money on one yet. It’s easy to see why: he knows what his audience wants, and he gives it to them in great big gobs. In this case, the intended audience is mostly female, and probably young, so we get plenty of Nic looking sultry and Stephen “Dimples” Fung looking angelic. No pretensions about artistic merit here, just pure lowbrow entertainment.

7 ripped shirts out of 10.
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