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Fairy Tail the Movie – Phoenix Princess (2012)

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Fairy Tail Phoenix Princess DVD cover

For once I’m watching a series-based movie with absolutely no knowledge of the series, and in this case I can’t help but think I perhaps haven’t found the best entry. Fairy Tail Phoenix Priestess gives the impression that its strengths lie in the direction of the series, where you have time to develop some level of interest in and attachment to the characters. In feature length format, there’s just a few too many of them to really get involved in … (read more)

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Gurren Lagann (2009)

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Kudos to Madman for posting episodes of Gurren Lagann as part of their free streaming service: Screening Room. While miserly companies would have hosted lesser titles, with prime cuts like fan favourite, Full Metal Alchemist and top shelf work like Gurren Lagann from Studio Gainax, Madman is giving fans a real gourmet selection of titles to taste.

Studio Gainax is best known for Neon Genesis Evangelion and it sure must be one hell of a place to work. Up in … (read more)

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Vexille (2007)

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I must admit that of all the films being shown during Reel Anime 08, Vexille is perhaps the one film I knew nothing about. Appleseed I managed to catch at SIFF; Girl Who Leapt Through Time has been on my radar for at least a year now though I never got around to actually watching it and Batman… – well Batman is Batman isn’t it? How much do you really need to know about Batman that, as an internet-browsing, … (read more)

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