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The New Option (2002)

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With Hong Kong, until recently, being a self governed province, there’s really little call for them to have a standing army. Which makes it a shame as it limits Hong Kong’s film industries ability to make films about the military… or so one would think. Fortunately we have the SDU to save us from such a glaring whole in their cultural fabric.

The SDU is basically a paramilitary group that specialises in urban operations involving small squads of well trained, … (read more)

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Beast Cops (1998)

Modern cop drama with Anthony Wong playing the mildly corrupt cop who keeps a lid on things, Michael Wong as the uptight straight cop who’ll gun down a criminal regardless of the danger to the hostage, and Sam Lee as the skinny cop who always gets the goss. Most of Beast Cops is concerned with the interaction between the three cops, and the conflict between their way of walking the beat. Roy Cheung plays the local Big Brother who has … (read more)

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Cat and Mouse (2003)

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The literal translation of the title of this flick is “Mouse falls in love with Cat” and the opposing Andy vs pouty Cecilia poster gave the impression in my gullible little mind that it would deliver a romantic story struggling against the odds or conquering the impossible… something along those lines. Perhaps some action thrown in for good measure or something amusing for 1.5 hours? I didn’t think I had very high expectations [sigh]

I haven’t heard much about the … (read more)

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2000AD (2000)

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2000 AD is one of a rash of relatively high-budget actioners that came out of Hong Kong over the last few years, but there are a few things that set this one a tad above most.

For starters, there’s the casting. Fairly attractive and high-profile leads in Aaron Kwok and Daniel Wu mean that the characters are reasonably well-executed, and provide sufficient eye candy. Both are also quite credible in the action department, being disgustingly fit and athletic.

Then there’s … (read more)

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