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Psycho Diver (1997)

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When I saw the DVD case for Psycho Diver my expectations were set. Its stylish combination of black, blue greys and greens immediately evoked an emotive mood of a fluid subconscious. The box stills of bloodied bandages, a cadaver-colored body and a knife-wielding woman – read sex and death – reinforced the notion of mental fragmentation. I was there. I wanted to see Bosujima, the Psycho Diver, tramping around in somebody‚Äôs subconscious encountering all kinds of disturbing imagery. If … (read more)

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Elfen Lied (2004)

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This series is a disturbing mix of the salacious and the sick-making, with a side order of slapstick. The first 10 minutes or so consist of a bloodbath conducted by a fragile-seeming, pink-haired naked girl, strolling through the corridors of the facility in which she’s held. The soft curves and the long pink hair create a serious dissonance with her inhuman aspect: she kills without touching, and her face is hidden within a bulky metal helmet. She’s really an anime … (read more)

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