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X (1997)

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Let’s just get this out of the way first shall we. This is a film about titanic cosmic struggles, colossal psychic powers and the beginning of the end, and it’s violent.

Not as violent as some anime available granted, if you’ve ever had the extremely questionable pleasure of Urotsukidoji, but Digimon the Second Generation it isn’t. So if you’re upset by the sight blood, even of the animated variety, or multi-story buildings collapsing (and after what’s happened in the … (read more)

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Metropolis (2001)

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This Metropolis isn’t the Fritz Lang version but it did give inspiration to Tezuka Osamu (Astroboy) to write his own version. And now we have the final product of Tezuka’s efforts and although he is no longer here to see his vision, I’m sure he would have approved.

It is only fitting that Rintaro was given this monumental task to bringing Tezuka’s work to life. A veteran director of many anime classics – he directed one of my … (read more)

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