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The Wallflower (2006)

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There’s a couple of things I’ll never understand: why I have to buy a DVD series 4 episodes at a time (thank god for flatpacks, is all I can say), and what possesses a licensing company to change the more or less literal translation of a series title from Perfect Girl Evolution to The Wallflower when there was nothing wrong with the original in the first place. Seemed to me that ‘Perfect Girl Evolution’ was fairly descriptive of this kooky … (read more)

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Puni Puni Poemy (2001)

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Take cover. Puni Puni Poemy is a visual and aural barrage. The scenes strobe as quickly as the director Shinichi Excel Saga Watanabe can think of anime to parody. Its lead, Poemi Watanabe, is a motor mouth whose hysterical gatling gun approach to dialog is unremitting as it is nonsensical. There is continuous parodying of anime conventions, in particular, absurdly detailed exposition of plots, transformation scenes and groups of women living together. A lead who wants to be an anime … (read more)

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