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20th Century Boys (2008)

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A little while ago, this reviewer was seen complaining about a certain live action film’s failure to translate coherently from its source material. And admittedly, it’s possibly an unfair criticism. After all, a feature film is a limited frame of time and a manga series – particularly a long running manga series – has years to tell its story (and in film’s defense, some manga reads like the author doesn’t know where the hell it’s going, either).

The makers of … (read more)

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Love Collage aka Collage of Our Lives (2003)

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Love Collage, otherwise known as Collage of Our Lives, is a surprising film in a lot of ways. Maybe it’s the title. One would expect something exceedingly sappy and romantic from a movie called Love Collage, where attractive, full-of-potential boy meets attractive, out-of reach girl, moons over her for a while until she finally realises how wonderful he really is, and they live happily ever after.

But actually, that’s what Love Collage isn’t; a love story. Rather … (read more)

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Sword of Alexander (2007)

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Usually for the site I end up reviewing anime titles, however lately I’ve been branching out and I guess experimenting with other titles. 13: Game of Death was one such title. Imprint was another. With Sword of Alexander it feels a little like coming home to anime as the story, action and special effects all feel like it’s a live action adaptation of an anime or Manga. It’s not though. It’s based on a novel. I still believe it would … (read more)

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2LDK (2002)

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If you’ve been waiting all your life to see two Japanese actresses locked in an apartment trying to kill each other, then wait no longer. 2LDK, so named because of the rather luxurious apartment (2 bedrooms, lounge, dining, kitchen), provides just that, and with great enthusiasm.

This, the other half of the “Duel” competition with director Kitamura’s Aragami, takes an entirely different tack. Where Kitamura’s film follows a storyteller convention, with clever narrative interspersed with bouts of sword-flailing … (read more)

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